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Valley View Elementary School is one of the longest standing schools in the Coachella Valley Unified School District.  It has been located in the city of Coachella for 70 years.  It serves over 650 students.  Valley View Elementary School students are well known for their great athletic and dancing abilities as we as their academic performances on state assessments.  Valley View Elementary School employs a caring, motivating and inspiring staff that believes that all students possess the ability to learn.  

     Valley View Elementary School is a walking school off of Valley Road that has served the community for four generations.  It employs 31 certificated teachers and 40 classified staff members.  Valley View Elementary School offers a Head Start program and supports students kindergarten through sixth grade.  If also offers programs such as Transitional Kindergarten, Special Education, Dual Language and the ASES after school program.  Valley View Elementary School's population is composed of 60% of English Language Learners, 93% Students Socially Disadvantaged and 6% Special Education Students.  

     This year Coachella Valley Unified School District adopted a writing initiative. This district-wide effort provides our students an opportunity to focus on and improve their writing skills. In order for our students to be prepared for and compete in the job market of their futures, we need to prepare them today. Students of all ages are expected to communicate effectively both orally and in written form.  The Common Core State Standards require students to explain their solutions and the pathway to the solution in Math, explain their opinions in writing with textual evidence, form structurally sound, cohesive sentences, and in grades 3-6, the students will be assessed in the area of writing when faced with the Smarter Balanced State Assessment. With a focus on writing at the elementary level, we are preparing our students to defend their ideas, build vocabulary necessary for proficient writing and organize their ideas in a logical way. We have seen growth with our students already and it has only been a few short months since we began the initiative. We are looking forward to sharing all of our success stories… in writing!